The dates for the next Tour of Ara race are 1 - 6 September 2018, and this will be your last Tour ever. I believe 5 years is a good run to the Tour, and I’ve decided to share this news now as the chorus of “I’m doing this next year” and “it’s on my list!” has grown louder and louder. This year was your last chance.

Tour of Ara 2018 is sold out.


The 5 entry fee tiers for Tour of Ara 2018 are :

  • There will 5 sponsored riders, who will be nominated. If you know of a strong underprivileged rider who you would like to suggest, please introduce him or her.
  • R10,000 entries (limited to 10). Anybody can apply for one of these spots, with good reason. Students, artists, young folks starting out.
  • R13,500 entries. This is the standard entry fee. 
  • R16,000 + entires. For those who could afford to pay a bit more. This money will go to making the sponsored positions possible (everything from appropriate bikes to all travel costs etc.), and will be spent responsibly throughout the communities we’ll be traveling through. 
  • R16,000 + INTERNATIONAL entries. Because of our weak South African currency, it is only fair that those with stronger currencies pay a bit more. Depending on the exchange rate this equates to roughly US$1300 / €1100 / £950, or more if you so choose.

What's included in the entry fee :

  • 6 nights accommodation. Sometimes spartan, sometimes superb.
  • Breakfast and dinner every day, including lunch packs or lunch stops during the race. Our last dinner will be something very special, as always.
  • Our by-now-traditional cheese and wine table at the end of each day’s stage.
  • Transport for your luggage, and a second sweeper vehicle. 
  • A small dedicated team taking care of everything along the route for you, and picking you up at sunset if anything went wrong with your race during the day.
  • A professional photographer traveling along with the race documenting everything.
  • Some local traditional cultural music, dancing and such.
  • The knowledge that your money is being used responsibly in the communities we encounter along the route, and to assist in sponsoring 5 underprivileged riders to join the Tour of Ara.
  • Some very special and unique Tour of Ara memorabilia.
  • An unforgettable experience of pain, pleasure, achievement and camaraderie. It will be hard, but beautiful.